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Clwb Spytty

Aged 0-12? Join Clwb Spytty

Club Spytty Membership

* Please note that the eligible matches are subject to change at the Club’s discretion.

Purchasing the Package

Club Spytty membership is £5 and can be purchased at the Club Shop (online or in store).  The membership includes a membership card (as per the photo above) and a complimentary Newport County AFC Autograph Book.

What does being a “Clwb Spytty Member” involve…

Clwb Spytty members are entitled to heavily discounted tickets for the four eligible matches (above) and 10% off at the Club Shop (excluding adults replica shirts and clothing).

For the four eligible matches, Clwb Spytty members will receive:

 - One free child ticket and one adult ticket at £10.

Clwb Spytty members tickets will allocated in the Family Stand (Bisley Block A).


How to claim your tickets….

Tickets must be claimed at the Club Shop in advance – you cannot buy on the day.  You must bring your Clwb Spytty membership card with you to make the purchase.



I’ve lost my card – can I replace it?

Unfortunately, the club is unable to replace lost or stolen Membership Cards.


Can I bring four Club Spytty members with me for free if I pay £10?

Each free child must be accompanied by an adult paying £10.


I can’t get to the Club Shop – can I book tickets online?

As this is a brand-new system, there is currently no way of organising the purchasing of tickets online.  It is something we will work on for future Seasons.


I don’t want to sit in the Family Stand – can I be moved to a different stand?

For this trial year, we are only offering tickets in the Family Stand.  If this season proves successful, we will look at widening the options for Clwb Spytty members in future seasons.


I purchased tickets with the Clwb Spytty membership but have lost them – can I get replacements?

If you have the seat numbers, block and row of your misplaced tickets, then we will be able to reprint them free of charge.  If you do not have this information, you will need to purchase new tickets at full price.


I can’t make one of the allocated games, can I take up the offer for a different match?

No – you can only take up the offer at the four eligible matches.


I wasn’t able to attend all of the Clwb Spytty matches this season – does my membership carry over to next Season?

No, Clwb Spytty membership is an annual subscription.