Dai Williams

Dai Williams

David Williams, sadly no longer with us, is truly ‘Mr Newport County.’

David was one of very few in professional football to have played such a variety of roles in the life of their club - from a supporter born close to the ground, to being an Apprentice, a ‘pro’ with 355 appearances, Reserve Team Coach, Trainer, Manager and even a Director for a few years after we initially reformed as ‘AFC.’

David made his debut in 1960/61 and although he settled at right-back in 1965, he played in every position except goalkeeper and centre-half.

David’s appearances would have by far exceed his impressive tally had it not been for a few serious injuries, most notably in1969 spinal fusion keeping him in hospital for fifteen weeks or so and on his back for thirteen of them! Despite this he came back to impress before needing to retire in 1973.

David returned in 1976/77, coaching the Reserves and winning the SA Brain Cup and became a familiar figure alongside Len Ashurst and Jimmy Goodfellow in our golden period.

Towards the desperate end of 1987/88, David stepped in as Manager, but too late and too little resource to keep us in the League. He returned though to make his dedication help the impact of us reforming as Newport AFC, not only supporting John Relish, but playing his part as a Director.

David was inducted in to our Hall of Fame on 18th September 2009