Ken Morgan

ken Morgan

Ken Morgan is a football legend at Manchester United. Known there as Kenny Morgans, he was the youngest member of the Busy Babes Munich Air Disaster in 1958 and the last survivor found.

Sadly, that was also deepened by the loss of his wonderful friend Duncan Edwards and the others. It destroyed his motivation and so he returned home to play for Swansea, but his love of the game was restored when Billy Lucas persuaded him to sign for County in March 1961.

Ken scored 46 in 141 appearances, before leaving in June 1964. In our 7-0 win over Lincoln City in October 1964, he was at first credited as scoring four, but it was later accepted that it was five. Andrew Taylor, later asked him to confirm that and also what it felt like to score than many? Ken replied that it was six, with the ball already over the line for another credited to Len Hill.

Ken was inducted in to our Hall of Fame on 18th September 2009, but sadly suddenly passed away in 2012.