Further to the results of the Supporters Trust election, here is a more detailed breakdown of the votes returned for each candidate.

The votes cast for each candidate are given in brackets after their names: 

Jon Bowkett (583)

Chris Collins (351)

Neil Collier (538)

Mike Everett (587)

Gavin Foxall (634)

Shaun Johnson (576)

Tony Pring (518)

Simon Sadler (612) 

Malcolm Temple (513).


2126 ballot papers were issued with 762 returned. The voter turnout was 35.84%. 


Only 4 ballot papers were rejected; all were blank with an explanatory note included. The reasons for their non completion were a member being deceased, having resigned their membership or a member being untraceable having moved from the address held on record.

The count team was Colin Everett, James Hayhoe, David Hando and Phil Burgess. All candidates were invited to attend the count and a number were able to do so.


As outlined yesterday, the candidates, subject to accepting the position, take up office with immediate effect, subject to the formality of passing the Football League’s fit and proper persons test (required for all football club directors).

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