Rodney Parade will today, Wednesday 5th October, be enhancing their drainage system by adding a crucial 50m drainage pipe to the current system underneath the pitch.  

Rodney Parade, which is home to Newport Gwent Dragons, Newport RFC and Newport County AFC, is adding to the system in order to help ease the pressure of having three professional sports teams play on the surface.


Before the 2016/17 season began for the rugby and football teams the pitch was laser levelled pitch for the first time since it was laid in 1875. This meant that the field was raised specifically for football matches, however once the ground settled it showed an undulated area which intensified the drainage problem.


Due to the recent football match postponements, Rodney Parade’s Head of Operations has made the decision to add the 50m drainage pipe that will lead to an existing storm water manhole situated outside of the Burnett Suite.


During the excavation work, the turf will be taken off the pitch in order to dig a trench to add the 80mm drainage pipe, the existing turf will then be replaced.


Mark Jones, Head of Operations at Rodney Parade commented; “The work is taking place directly after tonight’s Newport County AFC U21s match against Swansea, so that we have ten days to complete the work. This is the earliest opportunity that we have to complete the work as it is our longest match-free window. We certainly feel that the work is going to help the problems we have with postponements whilst it is also something that we can add to in the future.


He continued; “The work should take around 4 days to complete so the pitch will have over week to settle in preparation of the Dragons match against Brive on Friday 14th October.


“Once the season is completed we will then look to put in a brand new drainage system.”


Jones added; “This work can only be completed thanks to the Celtic Manor and contractors TA Roden, as we will be using their labour as well as our own to complete the work on time. We will also have the luxury of using the Celtic Manor’s machinery, which is thanks to Jim McKenzie MBE (Director of Golf Courses and Estate Management) and Neil Shepherd (Head of Irrigation and Special Projects).


“Finally, I would like to recognise that three teams play on the pitch and would like to thank Newport County AFC for their patience as unfortunately the postponements have only happened this season on their matches.”

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