EFL Community Day of Action

Today, all 72 EFL clubs will come together for the EFL’s Community Day of Action to highlight and showcase the impact of the work they do in towns and cities nationwide via their football-led community programmes and activities.   

EFL Clubs use the power of football to have a positive effect on thousands of people’s lives in the UK every day, helping participants to improve their lives with programmes focused on health and well-being, education, community outreach and much more.   

The EFL’s Community Day of Action presents a unique - and brand new - opportunity for all EFL clubs to simultaneously raise awareness of the impact they are having by creating a national platform to highlight the community work that happens across 72 towns and cities, 365 days a year, seven days a week.   

Approximately £50million is being invested every season by the EFL Trust and Club Community Trusts into key areas, using the power of football to help people in need across sport, education, health and community engagement programmes.   

The work is having a significant impact in communities up and down the country.  

 In Newport... 

The County in the Community team have been delivering the EFL’s Kinder +Sport and Learn, Premier Kicks, EFL Trust Futsal, Premier League Primary Stars which are all set up with the aim of highlighting the importance of education through football-led programmes.


They have also set up a Walking Football Team to give an older generation of football fans a place to train as a team and play games against other Walking Football Teams, as well as a We Wear the Same Shirt football team which gives all people an opportunity to play football.

Shaun Harvey, EFL Chief Executive, said: “EFL clubs play a pivotal role in their communities and what our inaugural Day of Action makes abundantly clear is how this work is having a significant impact, not just on match days but seven days a week, 365 days a year.   

“The power of football continues to be used to improve people’s health and well-being and provide increased opportunities to develop individuals’ education and career prospects.  

“Such important work should be commended and clearly illustrates how EFL clubs and their Trusts are contributing to society outside of the game, achieving tangible results and lasting change.”

Newport County AFC are celebrating the EFL’s Community Day of Action from 1pm – 5.30pm as they introduce St Woolos and Maindee Primary schools to the brilliant +Sport Move & Learn Sessions.  From 3pm, the Community are hosting a friendly football tournament with teams from NCAFC Kicks, NCAFC Ladies, The College Programme, Walking Football Team, Mental Health Team, Supporters Team, Bengal Dragons and a staff team.