CLUB SAFETY STATEMENT | Newport County AFC vs Notts County FC

Newport County AFC would like to remind all supporters attending Saturday’s final match of the 2016/17 Sky Bet League Two Season against Notts County to stay off the pitch at all times.


As well as spoiling the enjoyment of the majority, pitch incursions pose a threat to the safety of players, officials and spectators.


The Club would like to remind all supporters that any pitch incursion is classified as a crime under the Football Offences Act of 1991 and will mean that the Club stands to face a disciplinary charge from the Football Association, that could result in financial penalty which we can ill afford. Such incidents have resulted in clubs being charged and subsequently fined up to £200,000 by Regulatory Commissions. In addition, individuals could face a magistrate’s court fine and banning order from both the stadium and matches. We therefore respectfully ask that all supporters to stay off the pitch. 


Regardless of the outcome of the match on Saturday, the Newport County AFC players will leave the field at full time and return shortly after for an end of season lap of honour in order to thank the supporters for their support and dedication throughout the course of the season.


We would also like remind all supporters that the use of pyrotechnics, such as smoke devices and flares is strictly prohibited. The club condemns the use of such devices, the use of which is also a criminal offence, as is trying to gain access to a football stadium whilst carrying one. Please be aware that the Club will be operating increased searches and bag checks upon entry to the stadium and supporters are advised to arrive early for this fixture.  Entry gates will open at 4pm.


Robust action is taken, before and after all our matches to help stop such behaviour. Perpetrators will be given an immediate ban from Rodney Parade and the Club will work with the police to help bring any offenders to justice. Supporters should be made aware that they may face fines and up to a three-year ban from all football grounds as imposed by a magistrate’s court. Repeat offenders could expect a custodial sentence. As part of our robust approach, we are monitoring social media and will take appropriate action against people planning to bring - or promoting the use of - pyrotechnic devices at football matches.


The Club wishes to work with supporters to create a fantastic atmosphere on Saturday within a safe, family friendly environment.