info disabled parking

The following information around Accessible Parking has been sent across by Crawley Town's DSA. If you require Accessible Parking at tomorrow's match, please read carefully.

Crawley Town's Stadium does have some disabled parking but most of it is taken by our own disabled season ticket holders.

Usually disabled fans have to book and pay for their tickets by phone and can then request parking at the same time and would be put on the parking list.

Crawley's DSA suggests Newport County fans who need an accessible bay contact the our ticket office 01293 410000 and speak to one of the staff there. 

There is a drop-off bay where the driver can drop off the disabled passenger and then park in a normal bay. With a blue badge the parking would be free of charge whether or not you were in an accessible bay

It's always helpful to know how many disabled fans are attending - particularly if they have mobility or sight problems.  Crawley Town offer a free AD service, so any partially sighted or blind fans can request a receiver.  Barbara - from the Crawley DSA - will need to know partially sighted or blind fans requiring a AD recieved so please contact her either via email or by phone 01293 530314. 

Alternatively, you can can leave a message with the Club about the reciever when speaking to them about parking.  Please leave your name, details and your requirements.

Barb from the DSA says: "We look forward to meeting you and your fans on Tuesday."