Domestic Streaming

The first EFL fixtures to be domestically streamed to fans (behind a paywall) based in the UK and Ireland have been confirmed today for the opening weeks of the 2018/19 season.

EFL matches across all three divisions are being made available to domestic supporters for the first time this season, following a successful introduction for overseas viewers throughout 2017/18 campaign, where matches were broadcast via iFollow into 165 countries worldwide. 

The platform will now enable domestic supporters the opportunity to watch their team during the EFL season at a cost of just £10 per match in an extension of what has already proved a popular service for EFL supporters, while also providing EFL Clubs with the opportunity to access a new multi-million pound revenue stream.

With much of the iFollow fee going to the Club, this is an important new revenue stream for the Club and also provides supporters with a fantastic new product.

Access to domestic live streaming must be bought on a match-to-match basis, with all eligible fixtures currently announced up until October 5 available to purchase now via each Clubs official website. 

Fans in the UK and Ireland can watch live EFL league games provided that:

    • They fall outside of UEFA’s Article 48 Blocked Hours (14:45-17:15 on a Saturday)
    • They fall outside Bank Holidays
    • They have not been selected for broadcast on Sky Sports 

International followers will also see some major improvements across the platform, with added commentary services, a new graphics package and an improved app and video player included in the 2018/19 subscription.

Overseas supporters can watch live EFL league games provided that:

    • They have not been selected for broadcast on Sky Sports or for international distribution in a territory to have an overseas broadcast partner. 

Available to purchase are the following iFollow products:

  • International Season Pass - £110
  • International Match Pass - £5

Audio Subscribers

Audio only commentary is also available for £45 per year or £4.99 per month to both overseas supporters and those based in the UK and Ireland.

Despite a significant upgrade to the product, these prices are frozen from the previous season meaning County supporters will be receiving an even better product for their money.


How to purchase

To purchase a match pass or to view relevant subscription information relating to iFollow visit 

EFL Chief Executive, Shaun Harvey, said: “Whilst the EFL does not believe anything can substitute the live match experience, the domestic streaming of iFollow gives supporters an opportunity to follow their team no matter where they are.

“Importantly, for supporters not able to attend matches because of travel times or school and work commitments, we believe this is a significant development to making our game more accessible. 

“Last season was a revolutionary first in our competitions with the introduction of iFollow and that innovation has continued into the 2018/19 season as iFollow becomes part of the now established and internationally recognised EFL brand.

“This season will see the production values enhanced to a level not delivered before, with multi-camera angles available for some fixtures and improved graphics packages – We’re delighted to be able to continue to provide this to not only an international audience, but open it to a domestic audience as well.

“The iFollow service gives supporters of our Clubs a great option to watch their team, if not the best direct to consumer option out there.”