Spirit of Newport

Earlier this evening, Manager Michael Flynn received the Spirit of Newport Award

The award, which was presented before the Full Council Meeting, is given to selected Newportonians who have encompassed the "Spirit of Newport" and its three values Resolve, Tenacity, and Dedication.  Whilst the award is presented annually, it is only presented if there is a worthy recipient. There were three winners today: Michael Flynn, Paralympic Swimmer Liz Johnson and (someone who will be well-known to County fans) Poppy Seller Ron Jones.

Newport is a city with a rich history, a diverse culture and optimistic future. There are numerous examples from Newport’s past and present of extraordinary acts and achievements by local citizens and those who have come to Newport and made a difference and the Spirit of Newport award was created as a way for the City to recognise and reward those people.

Newport recognises people who show that no matter what, the right attitude and application can achieve almost anything.

In fact, the award guidelines state that the winner of the annual award must have demonstrated resolve in the face of overwhelming odds, the tenacity to push on when others might not, and a dedication to others. 

There's probably nothing that showcases those three values quite like the Great Escape last season.

Congratulations to the Michael Flynn, Ron Jones and Liz Johnson for their awards.