JDRF Campaign 3

Today we share with you a case study from JDRF, about 9-year-old Newport County AFC supporter– Ruby.

9-year-old Ruby Halpin was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 3 years ago. Ruby is a huge Newport County AFC fan and was so excited to hear that JDRF was nominated as one of the charities in their 'Save our Shirt' campaign.


Ruby has a message for all Newport County AFC fans and JDRF supporters in the area: Having type 1 diabetes means that I have to manage my glucose levels via daily insulin injections and I do this by counting the carbohydrates I eat and injecting the correct amount of insulin required 3 or 4 times a day (it doesn’t hurt, honest!). Having type 1 diabetes does not prevent me from doing anything though, but I do have to keep checking my glucose levels to ensure I am safe to do so. So I can play football, go swimming, ride a bike, exercise and have lots of fun like everyone else.


With JDRF's care and guidance my world seems like a safer place to live in. Hopefully, in making more people aware of type 1 diabetes, JDRF can continue to support people like me plus by raising money, it will enable them hopefully to one day find a cure! That’s my dream! If we can raise enough money and enough votes for JDRF, Newport County will put the JDRF logo on their shirts and that would be really amazing as my family are huge fans – plus my brother Harrison is in their Academy! I know that the JDRF mascot called Rufus and Newport County's Spytty the dog are really excited and are teaming up with me to try and raise awareness and of course money for JDRF.


Please pledge your support and vote JDRF to make this happen, #VOTEJDRF! UTC!" You can support the campaign by visiting http://ow.ly/6RQC50AgtZK