National best friend day

What makes a good friend? Someone who is honest, accepting, non-judgmental, loyal, respectful, trustworthy, a good listener, helpful, has similar interests….the list could be endless as we all look for different qualities in the people who we choose to be our friends, as a child or as an adult.

Some people find it easier to make friends, where some may find it more challenging for many different reasons.

A good friend is invaluable. A good friend will see you through thick and thin. A good friend will have your back no matter what. Friends are often the family that you choose for yourself who will laugh with you and cry with you too.

If you have never been to a football match, we can tell you that it is just full of friends that you have not met yet. We are blessed with a wonderful community of supporters who have really taken the opportunity to be there for each other during this pandemic.

Today is National Best Friend’s Day, and we celebrate all of you who are that person for someone. You are that person who can be the difference in someone’s life, who brings sunshine on a rainy day, who lifts the spirits of the team by singing your hearts out on a match day, all just by being there.

In a time when being there physically is not possible, friendships still strengthen and form, and support is still felt and often gives people hope.

Thank you for being there, for having your mates back and for being kind.