Wellbeing Wednesday

What do you do? It is a question that we ask so often an in so many situations and sometimes can be so hard to answer. My Discombobulated Brain providers peer to peer support for people whose mental health is not at its best and awareness for people with mental illness. You may see that I have written two different things there, mental health and mental illness. That is because they are two separate things.

Everyone has mental health, we all need to look after our brains and make sure that they are well. We can all suffer with poor mental health at anytime, especially in these current weird circumstances. But mental illness is different. This is not something that you can just walk away it is something that you need help for.

Lockdown is exacerbating both peoples mental health and mental illness’. It means that we have lost our ‘normal’ support systems, however it is a time that we can discover other ways of helping both.

At My Discombobulated Brain we run mental health drop ins, work with universities giving real life mental illness examples to the next generation of amazing NHS heroes and produce resources. We currently can’t do these normal things, so like many people we are adapting. This Wellness Wednesday we would like to announce our Zoom drop in sessions. Starting tomorrow 21 May every Thursday 2:30-3:30 and (starting on Tuesday 26 May) 6:00-7:00, longer if needed we will be carrying out our own drop in sessions. If you want to be a part of the session just join us the details are below. Hope to see you there:


Meeting ID: 926 7575 1659
Password: 043883