Mental health drop-in sessions

Newport County AFC and My Discombobulated Brain are launching a virtual mental health drop-in session via Zoom from 7:30pm on Wednesday.

The sessions will run every Wednesday at the same time and aim to support those who have concerns or could do with some socialisation to improve their wellbeing.

The partnership has decided to launch this support group following last week's emphasis on mental health, which saw Newport County AFC and My Discombobulated Brain support World Mental Health Day on Saturday (10th October).

The drop-in sessions hope to create a safe environment where people can start to talk about any issues they have and will include brief experiences by people confident in discussing their own battles.

If you would like to participate just to listen, you will also be welcome. Everyone will take something different from the sessions and if it can help you feel more comfortable to talk, that is a positive result. Signposting to appropriate organisations will also be available along with a chat facility.

In order to create a safe environment, we would like those hoping to participate to pre-register by contacting or with your name.

Laura Jane Dernie, founder of My Discombobulated Brain, said: "Humans are social creatures and we are all struggling with not being with each other during this pandemic. These virtual drop-in sessions will bring us back together."

The agenda for the session this week is as follows:

7:30pm Meeting start

7:35pm Welcome and rules

7:40pm Introductions

7:45pm Introduction to My Discombobulated Brain and Laura Jane Dernie’s story

7:55pm Colin Faulkner’s Story

8:05pm Any other people wanting to share their stories

8:15pm Open talk time/activity

8:30pm Close

To ensure a safe place, we ask you to observe the following rules whilst in attendance. These will also be reviewed at the drop-in with a copy posted in the chat:

1) People cannot share the names of others that attend the group.

2) Everything that is said within the chat, unless safeguarding rules of the charity or the club declare otherwise, is private and not to be shared with anyone outside the group

3) No screenshots can be taken.

4) At the start of each session each person must show themselves briefly on the screen so that we verify who everyone is. After that you may turn your camera off if you wish

5) We respect each other at all time.

Please keep an eye on club media channels during the week for further support and information as we continue to try to make a difference in the lives of those in and around the club.