Newport County AFC announce Mutiny Shaving as the new Attendance Partner

Newport County AFC are delighted to welcome back Mutiny Shaving as the official attendance partner for the remainder of the 2021/22 season.

Mutiny Shaving are giving people the choice to shave in a different way.  

The agreement will see the club assist in the establishment and development of the Mutiny Brand brand through a strategic partnership, incorporating the use of digital marketing innovations and social media campaigns, in addition to the attendance partnership. 

Large corporations are filling up our landfill sites with billions of disposable plastic razors and choking our oceans with tonnes of plastic microparticles. They cram their shaving foams with toxic chemicals and fill their razors with batteries, heated blades, roller balls and ‘lubricating strips’. They package all this in plastic and charge you the earth for something you don’t need.  

Mutiny Saving take a different approach. They are proud to be a zero-waste company. All packaging is 100% recyclable. All products are 100% vegan friendly.  

No chemicals, no plastic, no waste.  #JoinTheMutiny 

Matthew Pullen, Director at Mutiny Shaving said: “Mutiny are delighted to continue their business partnership with NCAFC. The continuing success of the Exiles and their rocketing attendance figures make this partnership the perfect way to get our zero-waste message across to a large audience. UTC! ” 

Matthew Owen, Commercial Manager at Newport County AFC said: “We are pleased Mutiny Shaving have decided to come back for a second season on a larger scale. Their products and vision are exciting and we are glad they have decided to use our channels to promote their brand for a second year.” 

“We are looking forward to working with Mutiny to raise their awareness across South Wales and to help achieve their business objectives over the coming season.” 

About Mutiny Shaving 

Billions of plastic disposable razors end in landfill every year! 

Mutinys mission is to stop the use of disposable plastic razors and the harm these are causing to our beautiful planet. Of course, we also want to create awesome shaving products our customers love to use and we want these products to be made in the most ethical and sustainable way. This enables us to support social and environmental causes, that are very close to our hearts. 


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