Pre-Season Plan: Matches Schedule

The purpose of pre-season training is to ensure that all players within the squad are properly conditioned and physically prepared to handle the demands of the upcoming season.

It is ensured that all players receive the required number of minutes within games and training to ensure they are properly prepared.

The programme that has been designed by the first team staff focuses on the needs of the team ensuring that all players have an equal amount of playing time. The intention being all the squad get 90 minutes under their belt. 

The club will participate in a varied games schedule against clubs at contrasting levels, ranging from Welsh League clubs to Championship clubs.

It is important that the club meets the physical needs of the players along with matching up with the club’s philosophy in regard to its playing style.

The club intend to follow the below schedule in regard to game structures and player minutes:

  • Game 1: 90-minute game- 45 minutes per player
  • Game 2: 120-minute game- 60 minutes per player
  • Game 3: 120-minute game- 60 minutes per player
  • Games 4 & 5 will then be played over the course of 48 hours, with game 4 being played on a Friday evening and game 5 on the afternoon of the Saturday the next day.

11 first team players will play Friday night and another, different set of 11 first team players will play on Saturday afternoon.

  • Game 4: 90-minute game – 11 First Team players involved
  • Game 5: 90-minute game - 11 First Team players involved
  • Game 6: Last 90-minute game with a select 11 involved.

There is a considerable amount of thought that has gone into the above approach and it will ensure that every player is at the same level for the season ahead.

The opposition for the club’s pre-season fixtures will be announced in due course, in conjunction with the opposing team.

On this, boss James Rowberry said: "This is a tried and tested approach that I’ve utilised before with Carl (Serrant, assistant manager).

"We have tried to be as scientific in our approach as possible but within that we must be flexible with certain elements.

"Playing games and training with the ball are important part to pre-season. We feel that the structure we have put in place lends itself to it. I’m excited to see all the players play during this time”