asd aware

During Autism Awareness Week, Staff, Volunteers, Supporters and Players from Newport County AFC have been completing the ASD Aware test at ASDinfoWales as the Club works towards becoming an ASD Aware Club.

World Autism Awareness Week 2018 culminates today in World Autism Awareness Day after a week of celebrations from the club and DSA.

In 2017 students from Cwmbran High’s Autism base visited the players at training and this year we visited them as representatives of the Club attended the opening of a Sensory Garden that provides a breakout area for the students when they are struggling.  The Garden was opened my Michael Flynn and Esther Nicolau (Base Manager) and accompanied by Dan Butler, Chairman Gavin Foxall and Director/DSA Chairman Colin Faulkner.

On the day Dan Butler completed his ASDinfoWales Autism Awareness Certificate to be added to over 50 more completed by players, directors, staff and volunteers of the Club over the last year as the Club works to become an ASD Aware organisation.

Charlie Morgan was our Junior Chairman on Friday at the Coventry fixture.  Charlie and his mum Lisa got everyone in their village last year, including businesses, to take the test to enable Charlie to be more confident around his community as someone with a diagnosis of Autism.  Charlie proved that there is no reason why people with Autism cannot be an important part of their community with a confident interview in Hospitality before the game.

As the final part of the celebration we have prepared a gallery of all the certificates obtained over the last year and we hope to add to them in the coming months and soon be added to the list of organisations in Wales with “Autism Awareness” status.