Wednesday at Newport County AFC means that we are on hand again to give you some wellbeing tips for the next seven days!

Wednesday 31st –  Let’s start the week on a positive and make the most of the summer sunshine by going out for a walk in the sun. Exercise can make you feel good as well as having many health benefits.

Thursday 1st – This week we supported the launch of ‘The Kit Sh4ck’ (Second Homes 4 County Kits). This is to recycle and donate shirts to those who may not have them for many reasons. For more information on how you can donate or receive a shirt, please contact Ian Hopkins by email ian.hopkins@sky.com

Friday 2nd –  There are many times in our lives that can prove particularly stressful. If you are struggling right now and feel that you are stuck in a rut, then please take a look at this free online course ‘Activate Your Life’ from Aneurin Bevan Health Board ACTivate Your Life Online Course | Melo Cymru

Saturday 3rd –  It’s game day! Come and join us on Parade to support the team as they take on Grimsby in the next League 2 fixture of the season! We have lots going on in the Family Marquee and Rodney Parade fanzone, so come and join us from 1pm. Good luck to James and the team. Let’s get behind the boys and make some noise!!

Sunday 4th –  People who live with long term pain and illness, can also be prone to depression and anxiety. If you know someone in this situation, please reach out to help and support them. Just a phone call to check in or a small offer of help can mean the world to someone who is struggling daily and help to end their loneliness and isolation.

Monday 5th – Good luck to all pupils returning to school today, and those taking their first steps in their new adventures following their recent exam results. We hope that you all have an amazing first day!

Don’t forget, if you feel overwhelmed or worried, there are key staff in school that you can talk to, such as your teacher, form tutors, ALNCo, wellbeing support staff and teaching assistants to name a few.

Tuesday 6th – Plan your week ahead. How are you going to take time out for yourself this week? What went well in this past week and what would you like to do differently? How are you going to achieve that? By setting small goals and taking positive action, this will help you to feel more in control.

Have a great week!